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Thor & Athena's Promise Sanctuary

We promise you will never be hungry again.

We promise you will never be abused again.

We promise you will be loved.

We promise you are safe for life!



Our Drafts are permanent residents at our sanctuary. We take in Drafts who have been severely neglected and thrown away, heading to slaughter or set to be euthanized.  We know they still have so much value and love to give. With our team of amazing vets and specialized farrier, we have successfully treated canker, a broken jaw, lymphangitis, emaciation, rotated coffin bone, infections and more. We also work to preserve the Shire breed.  Did you know the Shire is so low in numbers, they are officially listed as Endangered?  There are fewer than 1,500 Shires worldwide.  The Giant Panda has reached 1,800.  We'd love to have you join our fight!



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WFAA - Horses and Their Healing Power

360 West Magazine Cover Story!

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Bo the Belgian is our Ambassador for Seniors.  After getting to know this very special Gentle Giant, you will want to adopt a senior horse! Bo was aged by vets in 2018 as "ancient", "at least 30" and also "methuselah"! Bo was set to be euthanized due to having canker in all 4 hooves. Canker eats away at the bottom of the hoof, is very painful and leads to death. The treatment is expensive and his family could no longer afford it.  Because of his sweet demeanor, Bo's family fought to find a sanctuary.  All said no.  At the last hour, we were asked and we said yes to Bo.  After many months of one of the hardest rehabs we have ever taken on, Bo was healed and is now walking the barn, giving out hugs and creating Bo'net paintings for fundraisers! As a senior, Bo doesn't spook, he has been there, done that.  We can do procedures or worming without a halter, he stands still like a good boy.  Out of 44 teeth, he has 6 teeth left on the bottom, so he cannot chew hay. No problem, equine feed has become so advanced, there are grains made with hay.  Add water and in less than one minute you have mash. It is designed to be fed in volume unlike regular grains. Bo gained about 200 lbs with us while we treated his canker. 

Retired Drafts are THE BEST!

Horses that have worked their entire life are the best for kids to learn from.  We have Girl Scouts who earn their "Horse Badge" with our senior Drafts.  They learn safety around horses, how to groom a horse and as a bonus, they get to have a safe riding lesson.  Since these Drafts  have already been trained, they are wonderful to have in any program. They are calm and keep the rest of the herd calm. They enjoy children and will gently take treats from their small hands. We can't imagine if any of our retired Drafts would have been sent to slaughter.  They are loving, gentle and every one has a personality all their own!

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The Endangered Shire

The Shire breed, originally from England,  is one of the most majestic of the Draft breed.  They are massive enough to have carried us into battle, worked hard days on farms to feed the world and worked even harder pulling heavy machinery in many industries. Shires do not need a job to be valued.  Shires love human connection. And they are lovely to train under saddle, so willing, sensitive and smart. Zena (pictured) was emaciated, full of lice and at an auction where she could have been loaded on the wrong truck.  We were able to bid on her and get her out of there to safety at our sanctuary. Zena knows she was saved and thanks us by tucking her massive head into us for cuddles.  The Shire breed is so low in numbers they are officially on the Endangered list. We are passionate about preserving them! Click here to see how Prince Charles is working to save the Shire!



Your donations help Drafts like Francesca and Arianna who have lymphangitis. The lymph nodes stop working in the leg and it swells with fluid.  There is no cure, but there are many ways to maintain for comfort and quality of life. No alfalfa or high protein can be fed, exercise, keeping the skin healthy and maintaining hoof care are all necessary.

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the Percheron

Francesca is our Black Beauty.  She mirrors the story as she was worked hard her entire life.  She was bred for babies, then thrown away for slaughter with lymphangitis in her back leg. This sweet girl is now safe and loved forever at our sanctuary.  We will be caring for Francesca's leg for life, ensuring she is pain free and living her best life of love and cookies!

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the Draft Cross

Arianna has lymphangitis in her back leg and we are certain this is why she was thrown away for slaughter. She has the sweetest disposition and didn't deserve her fate.  She is such a good girl with her salt water therapy. She is known around the barn for giving hugs and wanting to be brushed for hours. She also makes friends with any horse she meets.

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"Nothing beats kindness." said the horse.  "It sits quietly beyond all things."

Charlie Mackesy


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